title: UNUSUAL ART BY KANSAS ARTIST, TERESA AUER RASING, EARLIEST WORK UNUSUAL ART, POWERFUL UNIQUE ART GALLERY KANSAS ARTIST Teresa Rasing's passionate paintings- ART GALLERY-UNIQUE ART GALLERY-BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS BY TERESA AUER RASING A LAWRENCE, KANSAS ARTIST, PAINTER AND SCULPTOR-STRANGE AND DIFFERENT- beach wedding dress garden wedding dress fantasy fairy faery bridal gown unusual unique different renaissance gothic mystical fantasy exotic

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Early paintings




Oil Paintings by Teresa Rasing, 1966
The above painting was one of Rasing's very first paintings, as was
the impression of the sea below, though primitive in it's execution,
the moodiness is evident.







Teresa Rasing began painting in 1964, having bought her
very creative son, John, a paint set.
He allowed her to play with his gift, his generosity
opened up windows of perception
and a lifetime pursuit of dreams, visions, colors, an in-
valuable gift of self-expression and travel into




Photo Art by Tara, 2003


A curious relationship in the above art works,
the intense moodiness, the ode to joy, similar
only in the depth of passionate execution. A
relationship typical of Rasing's psyche



"Litany of a Celebate Nighthawk"
By Teresa A. Rasing, 1970

This wonderful painting done in acrylics is in high relief,
vivid color and tremendous energy. Teresa Rasing experimented
with this secret technique and created this incredibly alive
purple fantasy.
Owned by Christopher Smith






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