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by Teresa A. Rasing


"The Dirty Thirties"
by Teresa A. Rasing, 1966

born in the early 1930's, remembering nothing much, except the dirt, sticks and grasshoppers as companions, this vision is glued still in
my mind, the terror of it in my child psyche. My youngest son would
stand in front of this painting, he being about the same age as the little
girl in the art, scared, looking at it. It was a sign of the times,
the red dirt from Oklahoma covering every-
thing, roaring like a lion through the plains of Kansas. Growing up
with nothing except the earth...

This large oil painting was one of my very first paintings, remembering
the wind, the feelings of being so alone...

Teresa A. Rasing



"Old Kelley Farm"

Early Huge Painting by
Teresa A. Rasing, 1966




"Kansas Morning Star"

Teresa Auer Rasing, 2011
huge airbrush painting





"The beauty of the prairies is in it's majestic austerity"
Huge air brush painting by Teresa A. Rasing 2011





"Kansas Landscape"

Watercolor by Teresa Rasing 1977






T. Rasing



"Early Colors"

This watercolor was created in 1963, memoirs of a gray and colorless
childhood, strange skies, surreally foreboding. This painting is owned
by Jeanette Rasing Smith





Teresa A. Rasing, 1966
Oil Painting owned by Carol Auer Heiland
of Downs, Kansas

An early landscape, one of Rasing's first paintings, there is one more in this
style owned by Lori Heiland of Pratt, Kansas




Oil Painting by Teresa Rasing, 1967
A landscape typical of her Beloit, Kansas childhood
Owned by Lori Heiland




"Charley Auer"

Teresa Auer Rasing, 1965

Oil Painting of Teresa's grandfather, a survivor of
the Great Depression. This painting was one of Teresa's
favorite early paintings, realistically capturing his spirit.
Owned by M.C. Auer



This wonderful oil painting of Teresa's mother was
created in 1969
"My mother never liked this painting, I loved what I
saw in her eyes, a kindness, empathy for others."
Teresa A. Rasing
Owned by Rachelle Patterson




Teresa Auer Rasing was born a Kansan, growing up poor,
shouldering much of the responsibility for her younger
brother and sisters.
Since her father had died, her mother ground out a meager
subsistence to supplement the small welfare income of the
times. She remembers the joy of Christmas gifts donated
to them, and later, the scourge of being from the "wrong
side of the tracks".

She attended a strict Catholic school and recalls being
passed each year only because no teacher could tolerate
her a second time. Once in gradeschool, she carved a nude
female figure on her desk. The punishment for her trans-
gression was humiliating. She found other ways to express
her artistic defiance.

Today, as a self-taught artist, she has effectively drawn
herself up by the bootstraps and grappled with the accept-
ance of herself. She is outspoken and intense; occasionally
retiring. Her keen sense of humor serves often as an eye-
opener for the unsuspecting. She is moody and antagonistic.
Routine is anathema. Her search for variety extends to her
art. Boredom with a technique soon causes her to abandon
it for another newly discovered one. She enjoys exploring
mediums and developing new frontiers in art, never ex-
plaining her work.
T.A.R.'s artwork reflects the contrast inherent in herself.
Her works portray conflict, some, in driving violent form
and brilliant colors. In her art, there is also an eerie calmness
an imbalance, a readiness to proceed. She is a Catalyst.

Rachelle Celeste Rasing,
friend and daughter, 1977




This gallery is being developed and some of her earliest
paintings will be shown as we photograph them.
Thank you for being patient.




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